Building Automation

We are an Authorized Representative of Andover Controls

...and we have extensive experience installing and servicing Johnson Controls’ Metasys line of controls.

Our experience with both lines of controls enables us to design and install a building automation system tailored to meet your specific needs or integrate from one system to the other seamlessly. Whether you have an Andover Controls system of one of Johnson’s lines of DDC controls such as Metasys or DSC8500 we can work with you to service, upgrade, expand or install as needed to help your system work for you.

Johnson Controls Metasys and DDC Control Lines

We have been working with Johnson's Metasys line since it's inception in 1990. With a broad range of controllers and devices, the Metasys line offers both versatility and scalability. A user friendly interface to the system provides easy access to your information from a local workstation, a portable laptop, from anywhere via a phone line or through a web interface via their new Web software package. Contact us to talk with one of our representatives about your facility and how Metasys can help you.