We can work with you to service, upgrade, expand or install as needed to help your system work for you.


Take a new look at energy management and how it affects the operational costs of your facilities.


Facility Security has become an ever increasing priority with facility managers and owners.


A properly designed and installed Building Automation System is one of the most powerful tools you can posses.

Over 20 Years of Automation Experience

Today's facilities require owners and operators to diligently monitor the security and use of their resources whether this is energy, material assets or personnel. As both system providers and consultants we can work with the customer to develop a solution scaled to meet the customer's needs and help them realize maximum return on their investment. A properly designed and installed Building Automation System (BAS) will reduce facility operating costs and increase building efficiency.

Through the use of Direct Digital Controls (DDC) the efficiency of the HVAC system can be maximized. Andover Controls has incorporated the latest technologies into its new Continuum line to provide and powerful yet user friendly window into your facility.

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